anastasia tumanova: sunflower

july 12 — august 31, 2019

For this new body of work, Anastasia Tumanova explores the symbolic reunion of the feminine and the sun. Tumanova is inspired by the current art and craft scene and the astrological community, where the feminine is symbolically linked to the moon. This connection led her to study the divine feminine and ancient goddess mythology and to discover evidence that the feminine is symbolically associated with the sun as far back as 7000 B.C. Tumanova rekindles this association, as more women assume the symbolic role of sun in our modern society: as visionaries, inventors, thought leaders, company founders, and heroines.

“When presented with the unique opportunity to work with Local Language, I was thrilled to create this large-scale series with their CNC (computer numerically controlled) router. Being an image maker at heart, wood was the perfect material to use as a setting for my ceramic paintings. The organic texture of the wood pairs well with the ceramic, as well as the theme of land and nature in this collection.”

– Anastasia Tumanova