Exhibition by Lisa Ostapinski

Opening Reception: Friday, September 6th, 6-10pm

Artist Discussion lead by Svea Vikander: Friday, September 6th, @ 6pm

Exhibition: September 6th–October 26th, 2019

Local Language: 477 25th Street, Oakland CA 94612

Please join us Friday, September 6th at 6PM for an artist discussion lead by Svea Vikander. Vikander is an arts reporter and the co-host of KALX Berkeley radio show ART CRUSH, in which she and Jozefien Buydens fall in love with Bay Area artists. Svea is also a visual media and social practice artist, and her work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Toronto Star, and The New York Times.


Lisa Ostapinski’s work is an exploration of the spiritual realm through abstract form and luminous materials. Her imagery pulls from a diverse array of sources, including textile design, architecture, modern painting, the natural world, scientific illustration, religious painting and occult symbolism. Her work juxtaposes archaic media with modern forms, producing a contemporary take on historical art techniques. She chooses lustrous, visually rich materials such as gold leaf and beeswax and traditional processes such as encaustic painting, sgraffito, and oil paint marbling. The natural beauty of these materials and the historical use of these techniques in European religious painting evokes the divine in Ostapinski’s contemporary work.


Forever is an expression of the beauty of the natural world through photography, encaustic painting and mixed media artwork depicting bodies of water. It is a meditation on impermanence, the human relationship to nature, the passing of time, and the fragility of water systems. 

Lisa Ostapinski chose lustrous, visually rich materials such as gold metal leaf and beeswax and traditional processes such as encaustic painting, sgraffito, and oil paint marbling. Local Language’s technology allowed Ostapinski to introduce a previously unexplored visual medium to her work: photography. Incorporating digital prints of her nature photography with varying layers of handwork—including encaustic, gold leaf, gesso, and etching—allowed her to explore new visual ideas and pushed her to deepen her practice. 


Lisa Ostapinski is a painter and art educator based in Oakland, CA. Ostapinski holds a BA in art from Mills College, Oakland, and an MA in art education from the Teachers College, New York. She is an art educator to both children and adults and exhibits her work nationally.   

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