DECEMBER 7 - JANUARy 26, 2019

Kelly Ording’s work employs intuition and intention that questions the limits of minimalism and representation. She compiles simple repetition, geometric patterns, and mathematical markings that contain an inherent capacity to evoke representation.

During her residency at Local Language, Ording sought to push beyond her historically two-dimensional framework by exploring sculptural concepts. This expansion birthed a new medium and series: Shadows and Light. Ording expanded her ideas on color, shape and line-work through layers of acrylic. Each layer is movable, further unlocking the possibilities of color and subtle pattern already inherent in each slice. Additionally, Ording experimented with depth and texture in her two-dimensional works by translating hand-painted lines into engraved patterns on wood. These CNC-routed planes mimic Ording’s more traditional works on paper and canvas, yet their precision and depth explore new dimensions through light and shadow.