Artist in Residence: APRIL 2018

Jeff Hantman is intrigued by the challenge of working with wood in an unconventional way by creating curved structures and assemblages with this rigid material. An alumni of the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in printmaking, Hantman is an avid scavenger and recycler; he is drawn to discarded items, from plywood with oil stains to metals covered in old paint. His studio is packed with weathered objects, plywood scraps, 2x4s, broken furniture and a variety of other found / used materials. Hantman combines woodworking, painting, drawing, printmaking, laser cutting, and CAD to create curved wall hangings and freestanding sculptures.

Hantman worked on a combination of digital tools during his residency at Local Language: the CNC to cut armatures and the UV flatbed to print imagery on found wood. Back in his studio Hantman reassembled the artworks, modifying and adjusting imagery to create new narratives and compositions.