NASHVILLE, TN: we are sourcing for an awesome project in your city, let us know if we can show your work for reproductions! 

AUSTIN, TEXAS:  hill country vibes needed for an upcoming property, we are sourcing print reproduction and original works. 

DIGITAL / VIDEO ARTWORK: especially interactive installation work... (sound or visual)

ART & TECH: if your art practice delves into the intersection between art & technology we'd love to see it, visual and video artist please apply. 

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA: apply to be our next artist in residence. Use our technology and tools, show in our retail exhibition space, and work with us on our next commercial property.  

We are located in the heart of Oakland's Art Murmur and the Uptown gallery neighborhood in the historic Garage District. We host a jam packed First Friday open gallery event featuring our monthly artist in resident.  Come check us out! 

CONTACT US for all Artist Opportunities